About Us

In 1992, we introduced a revolutionary new chemistry to the nail industry.  Premium acrylic resin is a single polymer acrylic resin that acts like a hard and a soft polymer in one.  It offers the best of both worlds and eliminates virtually all problems for Nail Professionals and their customers. 

In the fall of 1995 Premium introduced a revolutionary new liquid SPF that "blocks" all U.V. penetration.  It maintains "The Look" of a brand new set of pink and white nails as fresh as the first day they were applied.  Never before has a liquid really eliminated acrylic from U.V. yellowing until SPF!  It absolutely will not yellow, money back guaranteed!  The other incredible feature of SPF The Liquid Solution is that it works with other powders improving their consistency and preventing them from yellowing!  

In the past, the consistency of acrylic products were runny or self leveled.  This meant that the Nail Professional had to wait for the product to stop moving around before they could sculpt a nail. With Premium acrylic, it does not run or self level. You are ready to sculpt a nail the moment you pick up the ball. Where you put it is where it stays. We now have a truly technician controlled acrylic. It makes sculpting nails fast and time efficient. 

Premium acrylic resin has a medium set time for easy application but a medium cure time, which allows the Nail Professional to apply several nails in a sequence before pressing in the C-Curve.  The slower cure time allows the product to have a stronger bond and is more durable.  Its unique chemical properties also keep it flexible.  In addition, with the proper cure time, you get 100% retention onto the natural nail.  It has a smooth satin finish, which requires very little filing and releases minimal airborne dust.  Its secure adhesion to the natural nail enables the Nail Professional to have no nip fills, which will save time and insure the healthy state of the natural nail.  

It is so easy to apply that the Nail Professional is now in control of the application, rather than having to wait for the product to set up. Premium acrylic resin is impacting the industry as the most beautiful, natural-looking product on the market today.  All available colors enhance and compliment all skin tones. Premium truly creates The Look that today's woman is searching for.