ED Powder Sheer Soft Pink / 1.4 oz

EDS French Colors



  • Healthier alternative
  • No UV or LED exposure
  • No damage to the natural nail bed
  • Virtually no dry time


Color: ED Powder Sheer Soft Pink

ED Powder Sheer Soft Pink
ED Powder Dark Pink
ED Powder French White
ED Powder American Soft White
ED Powder Clear
ED Powder Natural Base

Size: 1.4 oz

1.4 oz
7.8 oz
24 oz
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How To Use It

When using the EDS system, you are able to provide healthier nail services; a traditional color manicure over the natural nail or extension using a nail tip.  Creativity with Exquisite Colours is endless with the ability to mix powders and create your own perfectly blended shades and design. Majority of EDS Exquisite Colours may also be used with acrylic liquid for fine nail art! 

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